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About Acharyaji

Acharya Sumedh Narayan Soni is a renowned vedic astrologer offering astrological consultation, tarot card reading and vaastu consultation all over the world. Acharya Ji started Rudra astrology Centre 10 years back with the vision to guide people with ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology . With his immense knowledge and sharp intuition Acharyaji has helped thousands of people all over the world with their problems related to health , wealth , education , love , career etc . Acharya ji stresses on the importance of saatvic remedies like Vedic Poojas , Gemstones , Yantras , Crystals which has a strong and a long term effect. Acharya ji is regularly consulted by many known politicians, actors and leading businessmen.


Acharya Sumedh Narayan Soni is Jyotish Praveen , Jyotish Visharad , Jyotish Acharya ,Vaastu Ratan


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Acharya Sumedh Narayan Soni

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