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Tuesday 02/05/17
Easy Vastu for your Home by using Healing Crystal

Easy Vastu for your Home by using Healing Crystal.

  1. Placing Green aventurine & peridot in the North direction will bring growth, children’s well being and saving of your resources.
  2. Placing Citrine

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Monday 27/02/17
Crystals for Spiritual awakening

Crystals for spiritual awakening


In this spiritual ascension movement of the new world, Many people are now getting aware of their spiritual growth and taking different strides on this path using yoga &

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Tuesday 31/01/17
Healing Chakras with Healing Crystals.

Chakra crystals are healing crystals that have a particular vibration and color. All of the chakras have specific colors and vibration and by using crystals with same and related vibration , colors we can heal our chakras .Generally we speak of se

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