Remedial Measures for Moon.

Thursday 22/12/16


Remedial Measures for Moon.



1. Never take silver in gift.

2. Donate  rice , pearl ,milk, chandan , sugar, curd, white clothes ,white sandalwood and white flowers on mondays.

3 . Dont take milk on mondays.

4. Respect your mother and get blessing of her daily.

5. Wear a 2 mukhi rudraksh on any monday after doing rudrabhishekh.

6. Get your Chandra  pooja done by learned brahmin. You can get it done at below link :

7. Take silver ornaments as gift from your mother.

8. Wear a supari in silver , after doing moon mantra on monday.

9. Recite or listen to Annapoorna stotram.

10. Do Japa of Moon’s moola mantra: Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah, 10000 times in 40 days.

11. Recite the stotra for Chandra.