Astrological remedies to be performed on Lohri

Thursday 12/01/17

Lohri  is one of the most prevalent celebrations celebrated in Punjab and Haryana. In the month of Paush or Magh, Lohri falls a day prior MakarSankranti. Lohri is a celebration devoted to the worship of fire. Particularly this is the cheerful event for the recently married couple and the first child born in the family. Dedicated to suryadevta as a thanksgiving, The whole of the night is spent around the fire  dancing, singing, and socializing.

Seven days before the day of Lohri, children move about searching for dried firewood that can burn easily well. There is a competition among the individuals from each group to make the greatest campfire in their locale. The whole group meets up making the arrangements for Lohri. The ladies in the families are seen occupied with making ladoos utilizing til, gur and peanuts as fixings.

The holy book of the Sikhs, Guru Grandh Sahib has attached significance to the celebration of Lohri , by doing meditation and chanting before the fire on day one gets a lots of celestial blessings. Particularly on this day, the new born babies are taken around the fire invoking the blessings of divine beings on the infant for his wellbeing and happiness. At night, the fire is lit and the people celebrate around it offering til, peanuts and beaten rice in the fire. It is a happy sight to see individuals beating the dhol and doing bhangra and giddadance wearing colorful dresses.


Astrological remedies to be performed onLohri :

Lohri is very important day as special remedies done on this day have a strong and long lasting impact on your life. Below are the astrological remedies suggested:


1.      To reduce the malefic effect of Sun and Saturn Black till and gur should be distributed in Mandir or to relative & friends.

2.      If Sun is malefic in your chart you should donate wheat ,jaggery , copper , red chandan and red flowers in the mandir .

3.      If you badly affected by the malefic effect of shani , you should take laddus of til and gur rotate that from head to toe 21 times and then offer them to black cow.

4.      Donating black and white blanket on this day will nullify the bad effect of rahu and ketu in your chart.

5.      To get rid of bad effect of shani you should chant 108 times “om sham shanicharayanamah” .

6.      On this day women should pray for long life of husband and the throw till in the ritual fire.

7.       Rudrabhishekh should be done in the morning for overall success and growth.

8.      You can do tuladaan to get rid of mental, health and financial problems.