Astrological aspect of India’s Growth with Modi Government

Monday 26/12/16

Astrological aspect of India’s Growth with Modi Government 

India was born at 15 aug 1947 in New Delhi . India Has Taurus ascendent & Cancer rashi. India is currently running through the Maha dasha of Moon Which started on 10 th sep 2015 . Under the vision of Modi government India Has gone through many reforms  & its image is re established in the world as a important power. The postive effects of Modis reforms started giving results after 10 th sept 2015 after the start of Moon Maha Dasha. Moon is the strongest planet for india as it is sitting in its own rashi in 3rd house . 3rd house is connected with communication of government with public , means of comunication in country including ,transport , telecomunication , IT , Roads , Railways .It also reprents neighbouring countries & being 2nd from 2nd house represents gain of money with the help of banks and increase of inflow of money to the goverment & increase in the GDP. Currently India has the highest GDP growth rate of 7.6% in the World Even more than China .Strong 3rd House also insures gain of respect and power among the neighbors.

This government is lot more connected with people and the government has taken help of apps, radio , media with regular programs like “ Mann ki Baat” to connect directly with people. Government is taking help of IT and has launched, “Digital India” to digitalize everything to curb corruption. Government has given a great importance to building infrastructure, specially building roads and railways as these two are connected with 3rd house in astrology. Roads are building at the rate of 20km per day &  railway lines 7 km per day.

Modi government decided to Demonetize Indian currency starting from 9 nov 2016  to get back black money stacked by the rich in the country and It happened in the Maha dasha of Moon , in Mangal antra & guru Prati antra.

Moon is in the 3rd house which represents gain of money with the help of banks and increase of inflow of money to the goverment, Mangal is sitting in 2nd house of banking and currency and is lord of 12 house (which represents money lost by the government or black money) coming back into banks & circulation, Guru is the karka of money or currency sitting in the 6th house aspecting 2nd house of financial growth of the country. After demonetization Indian became 6th largest economy overtaking Great Britain.  

More Blogs on future of India with Modi Government will follow soon.


Acharya Sumedh Narayan Soni

Jyotish Acharya , Vastu Ratan.